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Imagination in Practice
Reading and Review Literary Texts

During 2010, we studied parts of the book The Living Principle RF
Leavis. In 2011, we plan to read and examine at least two works: The Practical Imagination, edited by Northrop Frye, and Mind in the Modern World, by Lionel Trilling. The first is a collection of short stories and other literary texts didactically organized in order of complexity of the narratives and intended to serve as an introduction to the study of literature. The second is the text of a lecture by critic Lionel Trilling, specially chosen to serve as a support for the topics discussed during lectures Course of Philosophy Online.

Students, of course, are encouraged to purchase the material for the course, however, where necessary, electronic files containing the passages most relevant to our study will be made available to students interested in our website.

Students can attend classes in two ways: i) live on the internet, all on Thursdays at 19:00 (GMT) or ii) at any time and day for the recordings of lectures, which will be posted weekly the site of the Seminary of Philosophy and can be downloaded directly to your computer.

The cost per month (4 classes per month) is $ 20.00 if you choose to pay by Paypal at (Brazilian credit card) or $ 25.00 if you prefer to use PayPal. The main reason for the price difference is the need to cover tariffs and taxes on payments made by PayPal.

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More Details on the classes.....

Each week we will read an excerpt from some significant literary text. You will understand more and more as you watch Margarita explain all aspects of the text. After viewing the lesson, you can download your compressed weekly file of lessons based on the text. Patterned after the popular Effortless English teaching method, the weekly lesson package will include:

1. an audio mp3 of Margarita reading the main text fluently,

  1. a mini-story mp3 with question-and-answer format, using the same vocabulary as the text

3. a Point-of View (POV) lesson mp3 with the different verb tenses

4. a pdf of the main text AND the POV versions

You can download these files onto your home computer and put the audio files onto your mp3 player. Listening and talking back to the lessons all week will increase your ear for native spoken English, and make speaking and grammar feel natural and automatic. It is the next best thing to having a real american around to speak with daily.

And how much does this cost with respect to other ways to get exposed to native American English? ..... Is it $6000.00 per month, as it would be to live in America and take an Immersion Program? No! .... Is it $1000.00 per month, as it would be to stay at Margarita’s house for HER Immersion study program (click here for more details about that opportunity)? No! ... Is it $500.00 to take ESL at the local college (no native speakers there, sorry!)? No! You can have these lessons for only $10.00 per month.

In addition, you can contact Margarita directly, by email, if you want to ask questions or talk about the material.